wavestone massage tool

The tool that will revolutionise the way you treat and massage your clients

Hand carved from white jade, the WaveStone retains both heat and cold, so enabling more efficient treatments while also protecting your wrists, hands, elbows and fingers.

Why Therapists love using the WaveStone



Therapists’ wrists, hands, fingers and thumbs can often hurt after long days treating clients and, over time, increasingly take longer to recover.



The WaveStone provides significant protection, without limiting therapists’ feel for the treatments they are undertaking, so prolonging careers and safeguarding livelihoods.

“While I would never say that therapists should stop using their hands, they should look after them very carefully – after all, they are the key tools of their trade. The real advantage of the WaveStone is that, properly used, it can treat the majority of conditions and, in addition, the client benefits from an enhanced experience, not least the fact that the stone retains heat or cold for a significant period”  Adrian Jenkinson, inventor of the WaveStone

We have used the WaveStone at meetings during the year with good feedback from colleagues. It has received a much more favourable response from practitioners and patients/athletes than similar types of device.

Dr John Allen

Lead Physio, England Athletics

As a chiropractor for more than ten years dealing with patients’ muscular and skeletal issues, I never trusted any tools apart from my own hands. However, I now feel very lucky to have been introduced to the Wavestone, an exceptional tool that is practical, safe and very easy to use. There is no doubt that it benefits both me as a practitioner and my patients.

Dr Nam (DC, MSc. Chiropractic)

I am very pleased to not be in pain at the end of a full day of massage! I also provide training in several local spas, and the response from them when I have shown them the Wavestone has been so positive. It is really heartening to see some Spas taking their employees’ health and career longevity seriously and I hope more spas do so in the future.

Joanna Griffiths

Head Trainer, Bespoke Aroma

The WaveStone – the massage tool for therapists

When his hands started hurting after practising as a sports therapist for less than ten years, Adrian Jenkinson (the inventor of the WaveStone) decided that he needed to find a solution.

With a heavy case load that required the treatment of a wide range of sports and work-related injuries, he realised that this was taking a toll on his body and that he had to take action if he was to safeguard his long term career.

Recognising that heat and cold are key components of many treatments and having experimented a little with hot stone products, he rapidly came to the conclusion that if he could combine the warming qualities of a stone with a tool that was carved so as to allow him to treat the whole body, he could both protect his hands and enhance his client treatments.

The result of much research and development is an ergonomically shaped stone tool, handmade from white Jade (an excellent conductor of far-infrared) that can be placed in hot or cold tap water and which retains heat/cold for up to five minutes.

How can the WaveStone help prolong my career?

Used properly, the WaveStone can benefit your work as a therapist by:


  • Reducing stress and strain on your thumbs, hands, wrists and arms
  • Doing the heavy work and limiting the possibility of repetitive stress injuries and lost work time
  • Allowing you to work longer and more efficiently
How long does it take to heat or cool the WaveStone?

The WaveStone’s unique properties allow it to be warmed and cooled in a matter of minutes using domestic tap water. Most other hot stones require their own heater and take up to half an hour to be made ready for use, while cold massage stones need to be frozen.

Why is the WaveStone made from Jade?

Jade is the most efficient natural far infrared heat absorber of all the semiprecious stones. Studies demonstrate that far infrared helps enhance circulation in the skin, ease pain, relieve inflammation, protect against oxidative stress and modulate sleep.

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