What is the WaveStone made from?
It is hand crafted from White Jade. Jade has been used by the Chinese for over 2000 years to heal and give pain relief. It contains more than thirty trace elements that are helpful to the human body including selenium, zinc, nickel, copper, cobalt, the two main elements being calcium and magnesium. It is understood that the cells in the human body resonate from the wave movement emitted by the Jade stone, so promoting blood circulation, strengthening of the metabolism and elimination of toxins.
My WaveStone does not get hot enough
The start temperature of the water needs to be above 55 Degrees Celsius. If your tap water is not hot enough them add a little boiled water bit by bit until you get it to the right temperature. Care must be taken not to heat it too much.
My WaveStone is too hot to hold
It may be that the water temperature is too hot, above 58 degrees. Some places keep the water very hot to avoid bacteria build up (Legionaries Disease). If this is the case add a little cold water to reduce the temperature or leave it on the side out of the water for a few minutes (whilst doing some effleurage) to allow the Wavestone to cool down.
How long do I need to leave it in the water to get hot?
The length of time found to be enough is approximately 30 – 45 seconds, you may have to leave it in longer if the start temperature of the water is cooler than the recommended temperature.
The water does not stay hot before I have finished the treatment
Independent test have shown you put the lid on the Water Container and replace it each time you remove or replace the Wavestone from the water. Test show that without the lid on the water in the Water Container drops by 13 degrees in an hour. With the lid on the temperature only dropped by 6 degrees. Thermal jackets have not found you be any more effective in keeping the water hotter. The start temperature is the key and the lid must be place on the Water Container for maximum effectiveness.
Can I use the WaveStones with any kind of oil?
We have not found any oil or Balm that the Wavestone can not be used. However, some of the stronger citrus oils have found to cause slight discolouration if used a lot, particularly if the Wavestone is left in the water container for long periods where oil is mixed with the water.

Why not use our Wavestone Balms which can be found on our website?

Can I use a Hot Stone Kettle to warm my WaveStones?
You can, but our research showed that the temperature on some of the Hot Stone Kettles is temperamental and I have been told by one manufacturer that the is a 6 – 8 degrees built in temperature tolerance. The digital ones are more accurate to control the temperature, the Kettles with a dial temperature controls. Tests performed by a research company showed that the Wavestones continued to absorb the heat and were difficult to get out of the water and scaled the persons hands. We provide a water container so that there is no need for a Hot Stone Kettle.
Can I use the WaveStone Cold?
Yes, you can use it cold. To make the Wavestone cold enough to use run it under COLD water for a few minutes until it gets to the required temperature for you needs.
Will the WaveStone break if I drop it?
YES, it will most likely break if dropped on the floor. It is a piece of carved stone and testing has been carried out by a research company and it does not break every time but if dropped or knocked with sufficient force it will break. (they also do not spontaneously combust).
Can I use the WaveStone once it has broken?
No, it is not recommended. If you need a replacement contact us at info@thewavestone.co.uk for a single Wavestone replacement?
Can I buy a replacement Water Container?
Visit the website shop to purchase a replacement pot.
How do I clean the WaveStones?
Any mild detergent or cleaning fluid can be used to clean the Wavestone between clients. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners as this will affect the polished surface of the Wavestone.
I have very hard water and get a build-up of limescale on my WaveStones
DO NOT use limescale removers on the Wavestone as this affects the polished surface of the Wavestones.

You can use 000 or 0000 grade wire wool to remove the remove the limescale and it will also polish the Wavestones surface.