Safety Instructions

Please carefully observe the following Safety Instructions when using the WaveStone:

  • Always place the WaveStone in an appropriate water container to warm it
  • The ideal temperature for the WaveStone is 56-58C – DO NOT HEAT BEYOND THIS RANGE
  • Only use domestic tap water to heat the WaveStone – DO NOT USE BOILING WATER
  • Do not warm the WaveStone in a Microwave oven
  • Always test the temperature of the WaveStone on your own skin before use
  • Keep the WaveStone moving to avoid any possibility of burns
  • Do not use the WaveStone directly over joints or bones
  • Take care not to apply too much pressure with the WaveStone as this may cause bruising
  • The WaveStone is for external use only
  • Do not drop the WaveStone as it may break – if it does break, DO NOT CONTINUE TO USE IT
  • Clean the WaveStone with a mild detergent between clients and sterilise it at the end of every day

You should also note the following Contra-Indications:

  • All regular massage contra-indications are applicable, to include Cancer & Pregnancy
  • It is safe to perform this treatment on people with diabetes, but with care
  • Care must also be taken when massaging in the area of the Carotid Artery