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The WaveStone Heated Case is made from Aluminium and contains a heating element which allows you to heat you WaveStone without water.

Ideal for salons and Spa`s who have Double Treatment Rooms or limited hot water access.

  • It is also ideal for the Mobile Massage Therapist as it can keep the WaveStones warm between clients
  • It has been designed to hold up to 4 sets of WaveStones  (8in total).
  • Or a combination of WaveStones and WaveStone Massage Spheres.
  • It comes with a UK 3 pin plug but can be supplied with a 2 pin continental Plug if required.
  • It has a Thermostatic control unit that allows you to set the Temperature required  ( in 5 C settings up to 70 C).
  • It has an Automatic Timer that shuts the unit off after 3 hours. Great if you forget to turn it off at the end of the day.
  • It comes supplied with a 12volt car lead which allows you to maintain the temperature when doing mobile Treatments.
  • Comes with 2 WaveStone Towels
  • Can be bought along with sets of WaveStones and or Spheres Select your choice

If you require a different combination contact us at enquiries@thewavestone.co.uk

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Wavestone Sets

Case Only, 1 x Set Wavestones, 2 x Set Wavestones, 3 x Set Wavestones, 1 x Wavestone Set + 1 x Set Spheres, 2 x Wavestone Set + 1 x Set Spheres, 3 x Wavestone Set + 1 x Set Spheres


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